Rome Mega Post

I had the great fortune to spend time in Rome with one of my brothers and two friends who might as well be family.  And so, because I know everyone’s mother likes to see photos of them on the internet, I bring you multiple photo collages.  Hi Mom!  There’s also the small detail that Rome has one bajillion photographable places.

A big thank you to Tom, Simon, and Grace for being the best travel companions ever.


The Neighborhood Castle

Sarteano, I love you!  Thanks to Andy and Sheila, I spent many wonderful and relaxing days in this small town between Rome and Florence.  My primary activities involved walking in the countryside, sitting on castle walls, and drinking cappuccinos near the central square.

In the collage above, the picture on the bottom left shows a mid-14th century mural from the Capella della Madonna dell’Uccellino.  You can find this tiny chapel just outside of town, next to the cemetery.  The picture on the bottom right shows the street where I lived in Sarteano.

Off-season tip: If the castle entrance is closed, walk around to the left to the back of the castle.  There is another gate there that just might be open.




I have been travelling in Italy for almost two weeks, drinking cappuccinos and living the good life.  Sadly, my computer has not fared so well.  I hope to be able to start regular blog posts soon.  For now, please enjoy a few photos from Florence, city of my dreams.

My brother Simon and I loved walking through the narrow streets.  We could not believe our eyes when we turned a corner and saw the Duomo for the first time.

If you don’t hear from me soon, it will be because I’ve permanently relocated to Florence.  In addition to the coolest building ever, it is home to amazing art and the wonderful Boboli gardens.