Athens!  Acropolis!  Parthenon!  Protests!  So much excitement.

I had a wonderful time hanging out with my family and checking out what Athens has to offer.  I’d give two major thumbs up to the Archaeological Museum and the Acropolis Museum.  Cape Sounion is out of the city, but definitely worth the trip.

And, finally, one of my favorite parts of the Greek experience – eating.  Grilled meat, fish soup, and lots of yogurt with honey.  I lead a pretty difficult life.


The Classical Tour (part 2)

So many delightful columns to see in the Peloponnese!  Today’s blog post covers Olympia and Delphi (which is actually on the mainland).  You may recognize Olympia from torch lighting ceremonies on your TV screen.  This may not be the location of the first ever Olympics, but it’s the oldest one they’ve found so far.  Notably absent from my tour: the Greek actresses who dress up like priestesses to light the torch.

Sometimes a person on your bus tour says, “Take a jumping picture.”  And you do it, because you’re in the original Olympic stadium and you feel like a boss.

After a day of visualizing naked Greek guys wrestling, we continued on to Delphi.

Ancient Delphi was the bellybutton of the world, or, more famously, the home of the oracle.  Talk about a stunning setting!  People came from all over to climb the attractive hills and visit the oracle.  She gave famously vague answers because of a little vapor-from-the-center-of-the-earth inhalation problem.  Sadly, we couldn’t find any priestesses on our visit, but we did visit the excellent museum.


The Classical Tour (part 1)

Welcome to Greece!  Home of delicious yogurt, fierce national pride (yes, even now), and some of my amazing family members.  Hi family!  It was a little too early in the year for island hopping, but I did manage to fit in another tourist special – The Classical Tour.

First up on the bus tour from BC was Mycenae.  This may be both the first and the last time that I say I’m obsessed with a grave circle.  The site itself is spectacular, and you can some awesome artifacts in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

On day 1 of the bus tour we went to four different places.  The other one that I want to spotlight is Nafplio.  Nafplio is a small, beautiful town with three (THREE) fortresses.  One is surrounded by water and another has a very ugly hotel sitting on top of it.  But the third fortress RULES.  Do climb up the 900 steps and explore the whole complex.  You’ll get unforgettable views.