About Me

In 2011, I traveled the world for a year.  Then, after four years in the Bay Area, I packed up everything and drove across the country to business school. Now it’s time to go back home and do some work! But before that happens, I’m headed to Portugal and Spain with Natalie, my amazing fiancée. We’ll be walking the 620km Camino Portugues in June and July! Talk to us in the comments!


11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. DEAR ANNA- Just got turned on to your fabulous tour. It is needless to MENTION BUT YOU ARE AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A VERY SPECIAL PERSON. BEAUTIFUL AND BRILLIANT. YOU HAVE CAPTURED THE ESSENCE OF THE PLACES VISITED.WE WERE NOT SURPRISED TO SEE YOUR HANDSOME BROTHERS AND TO FIND OUT THAT YOU HAVE FABULOUS PARENTS AS WELL. Of course they are also brilliant and beautiful and handsome. All of you must come from a unique family. We love you and are so very proud of you and feel so lucky to be your Aunt Connie and Uncle Marty Kamerow. We love you.

  2. We are so excited for Anna and so happy to following these adventures.
    WE are hotties, of course!
    Love —
    Linda and Barry

  3. Anna, Congratulations on all your honors, graduation and being the sister of two great looking brothers and a daughter of undeniably fabulous parents! That said, have a awesome (and I do mean awesome) year and I will look forward to reading about your journey, the people you meet and what makes a difference in your world. Take it all in and Much love, Susie Cooper


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