Packing List Revisited

Hi everyone! I’ve fallen a little short on blogging, but I’m back today with a peek into our bags.

Posing with a pig in Mealhada, known for its suckling pig dish called leitoes.

Before starting our walk, we consulted a lot of resources to figure out our packing list. There are clear physical advantages to having a lighter pack. There are also mental advantages to only carrying items you need. On mile 14 in 85% humidity, those extra wool hiking socks really start to weigh on you. In the spirit of sharing our daily experience, here are some items we love, some items we picked up, and some items we chucked.

A view of one of Porto’s six bridges.


  • Belkin 10,000 mAh power bank – Our phones are important resources on this trip. They allow us to stay in contact with the kids, reserve hotel rooms on the fly, capture one billion photos, and write these blog posts. Having a 10k power bank means we can charge two devices on the fly – multiple times. No matter what the plug situation is at our lodging, we’re good to go. That means more precious non-walking minutes to enjoy a local dinner or sit at the neighborhood cafe. We also checked out solar power, but the technology is not quite up to speed for our walking lifestyle.

Livraria Lello, J.K. Rowling’s Porto inspiration.

Picked up:

  • Compeed blister plasters – We started our trip with KT blister tape and heavy duty bandaids. However, with soaring temperatures and few rest days, we needed something better. Compeed blister plasters are like little sticky cushions for your feet. They come in many shapes for any kind of blister. I like that they are lightweight, good for multiple days, and thick enough for real healing to occur. Our only regret is not investing in this company (or Portuguese pharmacies in general) before starting.
  • Logo-free t-shirts – When I walked the Camino in Spain, it was in true post-college fashion. I almost exclusively stayed in huge pilgrim bunk rooms and never went anywhere nice. This time around is a little different. First, the route from Lisbon to Porto has few walkers, so even if you’re somewhere cheap, you’re surrounded by nicely dressed locals. Second, we’re older and do nicer things. While we’re happy to be using technical shirts from 5ks, we should have brought a shirt or too we feel good in. Thank you reasonably prices Decathlon shirts for making us look more legit!

Colorful Agueda


  • Thick socks – I’ve sworn by two layers of hiking socks forever, but not this time. It’s too hot and our feet needed more room to breathe. The hardest thing for me was chucking them and carrying only light ankle socks. But holding on to things “just in case” doesn’t work when your house is on your back.

Exploring Coimbra

Let us know if you have questions! We have spent a lot of quality time with our belongings and are more than glad to chat.


One thought on “Packing List Revisited

  1. Just ordered a bunch of Compeed Blister Plasters but they may not arrive in time for Tahoe. Bring some home!!! Please!


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