Bom Caminho!

We walked 20 miles today. Woah. After flying to Lisbon and spending the day exploring (and napping, let’s be real), we hit the road bright and early. Check out our highlights and photos below:

Lisbon highlights:

  • Exploring the monastery.
  • Eating lunch on the waterfront.
  • Running into my SOM classmate, Avi, while take a selfie with a gelato statue
  • Visiting the cathedrals that represent the starting point of our walk and receiving our first stamp in our pilgrim’s credentials.
  • Embracing the comfort of a spacious bathtub and a delightful episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Stage 1 Highlights – Lisboa to Verdelha de Baixo (32.2 km)

  • Walking out of Lisbon before everyone was awake. We found the the remains of yesterday’s World Cup parties all along the twisting streets.
  • Gorgeous coastline walking through the ’98 Expo Area.
  • Getting our first “Bom caminho!” wishes from a local walker.
  • Midday beers. Twice.
  • Ending the last few miles in peace, despite serious calf and booty aches. 20 miles is really far and we did it!

Thanks for reading!


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