Main Street, USA

After a rainy night at Devils Tower and a pitstop at Rushmore Honda in Rapid City, we headed to what should probably be called Monument Land, South Dakota. Families in minivans, families on motorcycles – they all had the exact same plans as we did. My only suggestion is to find your inner zen and eat lots of ice cream.

Clockwise from top left: Crazy Horse Memorial, Simon in the Badlands, street fashion at Mt. Rushmore, badder lands, boxwork, picture for Mom in front of Mt. Rushmore, junior ranger picture for my own amusement, tent life, Wind Cave National Park.

We drove to the Badlands under the darkest, rainiest cloud. Even from far away, we were struck by the beauty of the rock formations in the distance.

It was wonderful to have a full day to hike and drive around the Badlands. The temperature was unforgivingly hot, but Wall Drugs (aka the Disneyland of the South Dakota highway) provided a great midday oasis. We saw way more wildlife on the main park road than expected. I have a new found appreciation for prairie dog colonies at the foot of dusk-colored rock towers.

For the next two days, Simon and I drove to Chicago. I’m so thankful for my third travel buddy for keeping me company, enduring multiple sibling selfies, and fishing ABBA’s greatest hits out of the discount bin at Walmart.

Clockwise from top left: Favorite colors of the Badlands, posing with Eli at Wall Drugs, a Blue Unicorn Tang in Sioux Falls, Big Horn Sheep, Simon driving the Civic, more beautiful rocks, Wall Drugs ladies, hiking, me on a jackalope (obviously), Omaha.



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