Like No Place on Earth

I picked up trusted co-pilot 3, the one and only littlest brother Simon, in Helena, Montana. Thanks to Natalie’s recommendation, we started our journey with a beautiful two-hour boat ride through the Gates of the Mountains. Incredibly, the tour featured bald eagles, pictographs, rock faces, and a non-stop history lesson from our driver. We continued on to a brief flirtation with Idaho to see our cousins Steven, Jen, and Harper. What a blast! We can say with absolutely no bias that Harper is the best baby in the world.

Clockwise from top left: Gates of the Mountains north of Helena, proud potato pizza maker, cousins, Tetons, newest and best cousin Harper, the gates themselves.

The next morning we were off to Grand Teton and Yellowstone. Yellowstone was an experience of contrasts. Both the Disney-like crowd watching of Old Faithful and the solitude of the park’s beautiful lakes left us speechless. My favorite moment was watching bison emerge from the bushes on a narrow hiking path. And then we were off to Cody, Wyoming for the longest running nightly rodeo. Horrifying commentary aside, it was fun cheering on people getting their start in the sport.

Simon and I both enjoyed the drive over Powder River Pass to Devils Tower. We loved, loved, loved the tower itself. The KOA right outside the park gates has a spectacular view and great amenities. Sadly, we were rained out of their nightly showing of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Clockwise from top left: Old Faithful and her fans, sibling photo op, thermal activity, let’s pretend we were the only people at Old Faithful, view from the Devils Tower KOA, Powder River Pass, Yellowstone Lake, horses at the rodeo, Cody nightlife, Devils Tower.


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